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Pauli's Adventure Island is an Android optimized classic 2D side-scrolling platformer in the spirit of Super Mario World. Run, jump and fly your way through many uniquely designed worlds that range from rolling hills to mysterious forests, dark caves, ancient temples and more!

Our heroes, Pauli and Gemmi, are on their way back home when they discover that their island has been overrun by invaders. Join our heroes to free the island from these unwanted guests!

Play as Pauli or Gemmi in your quest to defeat the mechanical invaders. Each level has three special items (clovers) that are either well hidden or difficult to reach. Try to collect as many as possible! You need these to unlock the boss level at the end of each world. For the speedrunner in you, each level has a gold master time set. Demonstrate your skills by beating each level within this timelimit.

  • Choose your hero, play as Pauli or Gemmi
  • Unique and varied level design across several worlds
  • Beautiful HD cartoon graphics
  • Precise and fully configurable controls
  • Developed for phone and tablet
  • Achievements
  • Completely free

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